Creo. “I Create”.

Creo is the Latin word for the phrase “I create”.

Creo was born out of a passion to see businesses present themselves consistently and beautifully across all of their branded touch-points. I create visual work that is clear, distinctive and consistent – all key elements to creating brands that stand out.

I love that lightbulb moment where my clients see how much value a well designed brand brings.

Not your traditional studio

From the start, Creo was set up to be agile and flexible; able to adapt and scale to meet the requirements of a range of small to medium enterprises. I do that by operating lean and collaborating – bringing on team-members according to the scale of projects. By doing this, we are able to give maximum value without the constraints of more traditional studios.

So how do I do it?


I ask questions, I learn, I make notes and gather information about my clients, their businesses and what they want to achieve. Coffee is generally involved.


I research, draw, iterate, refine, iterate some more, and then create visual material that stands out from the crowd.


I take what I (and often we) have created, polish it and deliver it. Print, digital, email, wherever it may be, I present my client’s branded work to the world.

Chris Young

Chris Young

I’m an entrepreneur and graphic designer with over two decades of experience of branding, design and communication. I’ve worked on three continents in design studios, ad agencies, and non-profits; with some amazing clients and great teams.

I am passionate about helping businesses with beautiful, consistent branding.

Need help with branding or design?

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