Since the middle of last year, I’ve kept things on the Creo front pretty quiet; mainly as I was contracting with other studios. Now I’m charging full-steam-ahead with Creo once again, whilst looking for a team to join.

Whilst I look…

As with any business, you have to learn and adapt as time passes, because if you don’t you’ll be left behind. Thanks to some learning and experiences from the past year (both personal and business), I’ll be doing things slightly differently. Here’s how:

Tighter Focus

A huge temptation for small business owners (me included) is to say “Yes” to whatever comes our way – from projects that are beyond our capacity to another job when the WIP is already overloaded. With that in mind, the work that I take on will be much more focused on what I’m genuinely good at: identity, print and interface design.

Collaborating with other businesses

The original idea of Creo being a fluid, collaborative studio still remains – and I’ve built some great relationships with a web-development company, a copywriter, a packaging specialist, a video team and some others. And I’ll be working with them on areas that aren’t my core; allowing me to be focused on the work that I do best.

Consulting, Writing and Speaking

Over two decades of experience have given me insights and skills that can be used to benefit many others. Whether that is working with design studios to work out best practice workflows, writing posts or speaking at design courses/events, I’ll be doing a bunch more of this through the remainder of 2016.

I’m committing to writing at least one practical post a week from here on in – starting with a series of posts on tools and practices for running a productive design studio.


But wait…

In amongst all of this activity, I’m also actively looking for a studio or business who needs a full-time senior creative presence on board.

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been juggling designer/creative director/account manager roles for years (all with roots as a Mac Operator). Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to get a bigger picture.

I’d love to talk with businesses who need someone at a senior level…


Get in touch

Interested? Please drop me a line so we can chat further. 



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