Every now and again, a plugin comes along that is a game-changer for anyone using WordPress. We reckon Bloom from Elegant Themes is one of those.

Email is one the most powerful tools in any business’ marketing arsenal, and building a good email database is one of the challenges that many small businesses face. Which is one of the reasons that we’re really excited about Bloom.

Here are a few reasons why…

  • It allows for highly engaging and attractive sign up forms
  • It is massively customisable – from where it sits on your site to how it looks and much more
  • It is integrated with all of the major email delivery platforms (MailChimp being our choice)
  • It can be highly targeted and allows for multiple options across a site
  • It offers stats and analytics, enabling fine-tuning and A/B testing
  • It comes from the same team that brought Divi and Monarch to the market – both of which are fantastic products

To get the full picture of what Bloom is about, here’s the full release post from Elegant Themes. We’ll be adding Bloom to the Creo site so that we can get out heads around it, and will then look to roll it out to our clients over the next few weeks.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can help with WordPress sites or with setting up Bloom on your existing site, drop us a line.


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