I’m a life-long Tintin fan, so when I came across a blog post on The Design Air recently, it absolutely made my day.

Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart unveiled something that we absolutely adore. An Airbus A320 with a livery inspired by the world famous Belgian cartoon character Tintin. Both Belgian companies have worked several months on this unique project, based on the original drawings by the hand of Hergé.

All around us are opportunities for brand partnerships and joint ventures, and this is a great case-in-point (Belgium is where Tintin originated). I wonder what other fabulous brand tie-ins are waiting to be uncovered and leveraged…

Here at Creo we love bringing people and brands together to help them better reach their Tribes. If that sounds like something you’d like help with, drop us a line and we can work together to bring it to life.

Here’s the original post, with a bunch more images and write-up.

Interior detailing.


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