Yes, it’s only the end of October and Christmas is getting a mention.

But there’s a good reason for it: every year, thousands of families around New Zealand aren’t able to celebrate the Festive Season due to severe financial limitations. Which is where Christmas Box comes in – it was set up to bring some joy to people in those situations.

Christmas Box was born out of a desire to see families that are struggling at Christmas time not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy and share this special time of year with family and friends. It started in 2001 under the name “Christmas Hamper project” in a small room with 20 volunteers. They collected donated grocery items and packed them into banana boxes, individually wrapped the boxes in Christmas paper and delivered them to families in the local community.

A chance to give back

Part of Creo’s tribe-building mission is to be community-minded. Christmas Box is a great opportunity for us to contribute financially and also with time – we will be taking Saturday, December 8, to join with over 700 other volunteers with the aim of packing 12,000 boxes (last year we did 10,000).

This is also a bit of a call-out to others to take part; whether through donating or by volunteering at packing day. Every bit counts!

Click here to find out more about Christmas Box and what’s involved.

Christmas Box

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