March 2016

After three months working with the wonderful team at Husk, I’ll be dialling back my hours there and getting on with some Creo projects and a jumping in wherever other studios or businesses need my help.


Life is change. Change is life.

Over the past few months, events have given me cause to re-evaluate how I do things at Creo, and also how best to balance the need to earn a living at the same time as doing work that I love. All this has led to a decision to scale things back at Creo and to join another studio full-time (well, almost full-time).

So, from Monday 9 November, I will officially become part of the team at HUSK Creative.

What about Creo?

I’ll be based at HUSK’s awesome studio in Kingsland, where I’ll split my time 80/20 between them and Creo.

I’ve still got some projects on the go and a few in the wings, and will continue to take on a limited amount of Creo projects – particularly branding, web-design and speaking engagements.

The past few years have been amazing, and the future looks bright. If you’re interested in working with me at Creo (or for larger projects, HUSK) please drop me a line.


Onwards and upwards!

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