You’ll have to excuse a bit of Creo trumpet blowing here…

A significant goal of any business should always be client retention. And there’s no better way to retain clients than exceeding their expectations and adding value to their business.

Receiving feedback from our clients always helps of course, and every now and then we get a great phone call or email about the work we’ve done.

On Tuesday we had one of those: I received a phone call from a very happy Joshua Prestidge from Professional Excavation.

A quick bit of background: we worked with Joshua to develop Professional Excavation’s identity; including logo, collateral, website and signage.

Last week, Joshua received a call from someone who had seen the Professional Excavation team and equipment on a site. The caller was so impressed with how consistently and professionally the brand was represented that he looked up the website. This then lead to a new project for Joshua and the team, which in Joshua’s words “Completely paid for the website in one job.”

Hearing that made my day of course. To know that the work we have done is adding value to a client’s business is what we strive for with every project we take on.

The brand, identity and interface design work that we do brings clarity, consistency and cut-through for businesses, sports-people and non-profits. We’re actively looking for new projects at the moment, so if that sounds like something your business needs (which every business does really) please contact us to discuss how we can help.


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