The Music Run Brand Management & Design

The Music Run Brand Management & Design

Project Description

The Music Run™ is “the only 5k fun run that puts music at the heart”. Based jointly in Kuala Lumpur and Auckland, but with events happening across the globe, they needed a full set of Brand, Event and Marketing Guidelines, Collateral and Merchandise design, and a complete re-design of their existing website. We’ve worked with the Music Run team to achieve all that, and more.

Project Details

Client The Music Run Created Brand Management, Design & Website Design

The Music Run Style Guide

Graphic Styles & Guidlines

A huge part of the work that we did for The Music Run was creating graphic styles for maps, infographics, web visuals, posters, ads, flyers and merchandise. Then tying all of those together in two key documents: the Brand Style Guide (above) and the Event Style Guide.

TMR Run Graphic
Click the image below to see the full infographic.
TMR Infographic
The Music Run Flyers


Another major part of the project was designing a new website with global, local and event-specific templates.

TMR Website home page
TMR Website registration

The site was developed by Music Run partners – click here to see it.

Do your brand or event guidelines need work?

Or does your business even have them? I love working with guidelines and can help.

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