A few months back I did Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, followed by a session with one of New Zealand’s top StrengthsFinder coaches. It was phenomenally insightful, and I daresay the best of the bunch in terms of its results.

The thing that’s bugged me for a while with these types of assessments, is that knowing your strengths is great from a self-awareness point-of-view, but not always beneficial if you don’t know other’s strengths and how they correlate.

This is what set the StrengthsFinder apart for me – I learned how my strengths affect others (positively and negatively). And that’s where knowing your strengths really comes into action.

For example: I’m an Activator – the guy who gets things going; I’m a person who sees how to turn ideas in action and starts doing it. I discovered that this strength can drive other people nuts! That is, if I don’t pay attention to who they are and what their own strengths are.

Having an awareness of your own strengths should also give you insight into those of others. Which, in turn, should enable you to better operate in a team.

Knowing when to refrain from what is totally natural to you, in order to allow other’s strengths to come into play, is ultimately good for the team (as long as it results in progress of course).

Likewise, knowing when to employ your strengths is equally important.

Do you know your own strengths and those of your team? If not, it’s a worthwhile exercise.


And for those who are curious, my top five strengths are:

  1. Positivity – I bring energy and enthusiasm to what I do and to people around me.
  2. Activator – I get things going (and learn along the way)
  3. Belief – I bring clarity, conviction and stable values
  4. WOO (Winning Others Over) – I connect with people and connect them to each other
  5. Connectedness – I build bridges, bring stability and see the big picture

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